Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TSA ...I kinda like them now...

Domestic Air Travel in Australia

I actually spent more of my time in Melbourne than in Sydney and I must say I LOVED Melbourne! I will write on that soon, but for now, let me describe to you how domestic travel in Australia works.

It Is NOTHING like travel in the US. We checked in online and Corey had our boarding passes as bar codes in his phone. Pretty cool. We got to check in, bag and tag our own luggage with Qantas’ State of the art system. Qantas does not let the normal “cabin bags” on the flight. You must check them. Carry on bags can only be 7 kilos (15 ish pounds) More on this in a minute.

HERE is where things got just a little weird. Dumped the bags and headed to security. The only things that are similar between the US and OZ is well, you do have to pull out your computer and throw your bag on a scanner, but that is about it.

So, you ask. Where do you show your ID…you know PROVE WHO YOU ARE AS COMPARED TO YOUR BOARDING PASS? Yea, they don’t do that here. EVER. Not one person looked at an ID of ours. I guess the Ozzies figure if you got in you must be good. (umm, does anyone else see a problem with that thinking?) I had gotten so used to being practically molested at the US airports, I was wondering what the heck was going on. I have to say, I was not happy. The last time I was this uncomfortable on a flight was leaving New York and the guys in front of us were creepy to the max). To tell you the truth, bring on the groping and scanning. Peace of mind is worth it!

Now it is time to board. Ready? GET ON. Yep, no boarding by rows, you just get on. See above about the limited luggage thing. It really makes the boarding process easy. I was waiting for a debacle, but none occurred. There was no fighting for space. I mean we boarded quick.

US TRAVEL TIP: Truly, it is ONLY polite that if you have two carry on bags you put one up in the bin and one at your feet…don’t be a bin hog.

Safety Talk Time: I admit I only listen with one ear. I know how to fasten a seat belt. But there was this voice on the video that I just recognized. I glanced up to see none other than John Travolta in FULL Captain gear introducing the video. Did you know he has flown for over 40 years? (how old is he???) My faith in Qantas was shaken once again. Maybe he bought his 707 from them?? I dunno, but there he was.

In less than 1 ½ hours, the flight crew serves a full breakfast. Cereal, fresh fruit, juices coffee/tea and biscuits. They have it down to a science (like their baggage handling). OK, some faith was restored. There is nothing prettier than a bowl of Zero PointsPlus apples being served with breakfast.

By the way, The Granny Smith Apples here ROCK.

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  1. John Travolta is 56, and is a "good will ambassador" for Quantas. He occasionally flies for them. He must have started in his teens flying, but I know he got his certification to fly jets in the 1990s. Too bad he practices Scientology, tho.

    Yum, apples!