Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend on my own...

A Full weekend on my own

Wish me luck Corey left around 1am Saturday morning. This trip he goes to London, some points in Europe, Dubai then home. This trip covers two weekends since Sunday is a working day in Dubai.

I have never had a full weekend on my own, and now I have two of them! I find the weekdays easier to fill my time than the weekends for some odd reason.

I live in a place where I literally could never step outside and survive. I have a washer/dryer. The grocery store is inside the building, I think it’s less than 500 steps there and back. With the computer, the store, the washer/dryer, my world could easily become this 1300 sq foot bubble. On Saturday it did.

Realizing this is NOT a good way to be, I pulled out my Frommer’s Hong Kong and looked up and decided on something to do. Today, I am off to Stanley. Stanley is sort of “over the river and through the woods” from here. It is literally on the other side of Hong Kong Island.

I have written about the bus situation, and from what I understand, the only way to enjoy the trip to Stanley is on the top deck of the bus. I will do it…though I am very frightened of climbing the stairs.

So, that is my plan. A good diver always shares their dive profile with a friend…so now you all know that I am heading out. Now you all know where to tell the authorities to start looking for me ! :)

Wish me luck!