Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where have you all been?

There were two things that made me realize how quiet my blog has been these last MONTH!

First, I opened it and have not posted since the end of March. Second, I went through my camera and saved the pics to my computer and realized how many things I have done and not written about!

I have been (probably over) analyzing why my writing stopped. Have I become uninspired? No. Have I become complacent? Maybe. Have I become just a little lazy? Probably. Have I become (relatively) comfortable? Definitely.

When I got here every single thing I did was new in some way. Even the mundane was new. Grocery shopping, navigating, communicating, finding new friends became a priority. These were the things to share.

Then as (gasp) three and a half months passed, day to day life kicked in, so things appeared a little less shiny and new.

Looking over my pictures revitalized me. I have done some pretty cool things (at least to me).

I won’t uber-blog and catch up in one day. However, I do want to get them down, because like every long vacation I’ve taken, if you don’t write it down, things fade away, and then they are gone.

I have actually had to go back to my calendar to look at the different activities I have done. I have tried to do two or three things a week to keep me out of the house.

It’s been pretty strange planning my world around social events and not around my family and running my WW meetings. I have read that there are plenty of ExPat wives that struggle with this transition. I can see it. I never made a lot of money, but what I did went towards Kari’s basketball world, what internet shopping I could muster, my 401K and (most importantly) getting my hair done.

SO, if you are still reading, I will get to updating.

Today I was supposed to take an “Adventure” Hike but I came back from Cebu with a niggly cold which has developed even after I took care of myself (stupid body). So, I am staying home, being even more quiet and looking forward to the Coke Plant Tour tomorrow!

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