Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wired and Wireless in Hong Kong

For a change of pace I have moved myself into the master bedroom and decided to work on the PC instead of my Net book. For some strange reason I decided that I needed the feel of a “real” keyboard under my fingertips. I wanted to remember what it was like to have my fingers at the “proper” positions instead of cramped on a tiny tiny laptop. Maybe I wanted to move back in technology for just a second.

Maybe I just needed to get away from the wired mess on my Net Book. Let me explain the picture that starts this:

I am having a quiet day. I have laundry and house work to do. But before I dive into that, I wanted to have a quick read of my book. The flat is so quiet when I’m alone. Sometimes I put music on, or I will have the TV on in the background. TV can be dangerous though, it sucks me in. It’s best if it stays off.

Well, the Kindle was almost out of juice and the converters we brought from The States both have other items plugged in to them. So, YAY, I plugged the Kindle into the Net book.

Then, I figured I would try to get my IPOD to charge. This has been a frustrating process in that the Ipod has become temperamental. It will charge, then not charge (mostly not charge) so on random days I will pull it out of it’s drawer and see if THIS is the day it will charge. Today is a good day.

SO, I sat in the corner of the couch, computer on the armrest, Kindle in my hand, attached on one end and Ipod attached at the other.

What a picture that is. The TV remotes were right on the windowsill. Lord knows we must have remotes for the TV and cable box. Where would we be? I am the queen of channel surfing, so who am I to judge.

Off to the side is yet ANOTHER remote. This one is for the window blinds. Each room in the house has blinds, and each room in the house has a separate remote to open and close them. Infact if you try to use the bedroom remote on the living room blinds, all you succeed in doing is closing the blinds in the bedroom…that is how strong the signal is from this tiny contraption.

Enter the remotes for the air conditioners. Again, each room in the flat has it’s own device. Each device has it’s own remote. We did not get the books on how to make these work properly (as in programming them) so we just turn them on and off as we get hot (or in my case cold).

The bathrooms have their own hot water tanks. You guessed it, there is a remote to change the temperature of these.

If I sit myself in just the right spot of the house, I can pretty much control the entire thing with just a few clicks.

I talk all the time about maximizing my steps and being as “inefficient” as possible because otherwise, how WOULD we get our 10,000 steps in?

Anyway, all the technology around me made me smile, so I wanted to show it to someone else.

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  1. Do you feel "remote" in HK? Hahahahahahaha I slay me.