Friday, September 30, 2011

Met MAO?


Remember…in China it is just “food”…but one meal we were looking for something other than “food”, SO, we went down the road to Fly High Pizza.

Here is the placemat:


Um…I think they use “Mexican Fiesta” and they don’t know what it means.

We had passable pizza…no great…but not bad!

After we ate we walked down to Tianfu Square. Along the way we passed high end stores…as high end as you will see anywhere in the world:


The night was perfect for walking after pizza.  Not too many people were out.

We made it to the Square.

Mao is a center piece of this area:


Mao does a lot of waving…He is kind of everywhere.

There are lights,  flowers (poinsettia's anyone?) a nightly water show and plenty of people watching opportunities


Susan, Diane and Cindy enjoying the square.

I have a video of the  water show…I am having a bit of technical difficulties getting it posted here…but I will work it out and get it done! Stay tuned

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