Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lao Cai & Bac Ha

Vietnam – Day 2

We took the overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. There were four of us in the sleeper car, and I have to say, it was pretty darn comfy. Our fearless leader handed out ear plugs, which helped tremendously. We were in the last car, the second to last cabin…so we felt a lot of the rocking.

One man decided NOT to read the “no smoking” sign and lit up. He was pretty much ATTACKED by some of the group. (go girls!)


This is our train. After we got to Lao Cai, we stopped and had breakfast. I was pretty hungry! It gave us a chance to use the restroom, get some strong coffee, and generally get ourselves in order for another great day.

This is the day that we would really start seeing the countryside of Vietnam! Our first drive was to Bac Ha. They have THE most colorful Sunday Market in the area. I posted some pics on FB of this day, but here are some more!

IMG_1052IMG_1053We aren’t sure what the boys were watching…but they were just hanging out!


It was so strange to see the women in traditional garb (underneath which they wore blue jeans)…in their hands most had a cell phone! The women wear their prettiest things in the hopes of attracting a husband. Those that HAVE one, still wear their best because it is their “dress up” day.

IMG_1074IMG_1075Fish and eggs were some of the fresh things available!

IMG_1080There was lunch on the go.

IMG_1082IMG_1129Treats for the kids.

IMG_1085IMG_1088Household items.

IMG_1105Corn Alcohol was very popular. NO, we did not try it. We wanted to retain our sight for the trip.

IMG_1100IMG_1136There was plenty of live game being sold. NO…we did not obviously see puppies or kitties that were to be eaten (it was explained to us by our guide that in Vietnam, these are just like chicken).

IMG_1119IMG_1121The colors are AMAZING! So bright! I wish I had a use for these threads. They were yummy.

I only picked up a few things here. The shopping was fun! The market was very crowded.


That is the market from above…and you can see Sue waving…she was surrounded.

As we prepared to go…so did the locals:


Finally settled, off they go. Let’s hope the Mom held on tight! Helmets ARE required…but NOT for children under 6 (anyone else just find this ODD??)

We took a little walk before heading to the Victoria Resort for the night:

IMG_1153Mama pig yawning.

IMG_1155I think we were annoying.

IMG_1157There are many schools and they are gorgeous


My first close up glimpse of the rice terraces. It would not be the last!

IMG_1165Diane and I …she’s a great roommate.

IMG_1169She greeted us at the end.

IMG_1171Wash day!

This walk took about an hour. Afterwards, we loaded onto the bus to head to the resort (a three hour ride…much of which was UP a mountain…pretty curvy road).

We checked in, showered, and headed to dinner! Day 2 in the books and it rocked.

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