Monday, February 6, 2012

My Day without Facebook or Twitter!


“Smart” phones are, well, bad…I used to say that I had a “dim” phone…a phone that was a phone with texting (aka “Parenting from Afar”).  It was all I needed.

Then, I moved and got a Blackberry.  I find Blackberry’s mostly dim…but my new one was slightly brighter than my US phone…so I now had the capability to add Facebook.

I could keep “up” with my friends and kids with NO effort.  At the doctor?  BAM! Facebook check!  MTR?  NO ISSUE!  I get better reception on the subway UNDER Victoria Harbour than I do in my flat.  My phone soon became a constant fixture to my hand.

THEN, I joined Twitter.  I love sports. I love TV and most (100 minutes or less) movies   This is not news.  It is fun to read the updates from athletes, actors, whoever.  Sometimes trying to figure out what someone is saying in 140 characters or less.  I honestly like the pictures the best.

NOW…my phone is more than constant…it’s attached…when I am out of the house…it is permanently attached to my hand.  I’m addicted.  Sigh

Today was Super Bowl Monday here in Hong Kong…and I forgot. Yep…a girl raised in Pittsburgh…who at one time could name the starting lineup for the 1971 AND 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates… who PRAYED when Franco Harris made the Immaculate Reception (settle down Oakland fans…it’s over, it was a catch, move on), who used to sleep out for a good seat at UCLA basketball games…FORGOT the Super Bowl.

I had a doctors appointment.  Yep…no game for me…at least not the whole thing.

Corey had planned on taking the day off.  NOPE.  I had friends asking me to watch with them …NOPE.

So…Corey and I decided to DVR the game and watch it late Monday (I was working)…so what does that mean in this age of instant everything?



I can not tell you how many times I took my phone out to look at my FB…but I resisted.  I warned my kids and friends NOT to text me.  I was in Central today and when I heard one person asking another “did you watch any of the Super Bowl this morning?”  I RAN…with my fingers in my ears!

I’m not sure how it looked with me sticking my fingers in my ears whenever I thought I might hear anything…but…I didn’t care…I wanted to see the game not knowing the outcome.

Everyone I encountered was great at NOT knowing anything!  Can you BELIEVE there are many many many people who don’t care?  WOW!  Who knew! (even though many bars were open at 6:45 am to show the game)

I have to admit that as the day advanced…things became easier…I almost (almost) forgot that I had websites to look at.  My phone stayed in my purse.  It was not warm from being held constantly…I felt a little freer.

My friend Virginia gave up her FB for Lent last year…and she made it!  I am thinking about it..but I think I would have to remove it from my phone b/c I’m afraid I would “slip” …I have a little while to decide.

Quite honestly, it is going to be interesting to see how I do tomorrow.

Will I fall right back into my habit?

Can I resist?

Not sure…can’t tell.

But I can tell you this:

The game is good (I love Slingbox and DVR)

The commercials are a complete disappointment

And at least for 16 hours…you CAN live without Facebook and/or Twitter!

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