Thursday, December 6, 2012

And our tour comes to a close

(yep, pictures….click on them)

SO…after our YAK hot pot lunch, it was time to head out for our last formal tour.

Now…the one thing I have learned from this trip (if I ever coordinate my own…and I am hoping for that)…is that when you have 22 people ….things just take longer.

Our afternoon was supposed to be a long, yet not stressful walk through villages with yaks, and sheep and nature.

Sadly, our timing just got too short…so while our afternoon was highly edited, it was pretty amazing…once again b/c of the generosity of local villagers.

We took a bus out towards the Ringha Monastery which was HIGH on a hill…but that comes in minute.

We traveled out away from Shangri-La and saw some pretty fun sights:

IMG_6931IMG_6930That is Sue…in the Yak field

IMG_6928IMG_6927 Me in the YAK field…and Yak alone…

Here are some sites from our walk into the village:



We made our way along to the village and quite honestly, many on the bus were just about ready to be done. 

This happens on a trip.  You get feel you have seen things already…do I HAVE to go to another Tibetan Village??  REALLY?  Stay tuned…

So we arrived at the village where we had to hike in b/c our bus was just too big.  Our guide handed out red envelopes to show our appreciation for admission.  I’m not sure how much was in each envelope…but even with that…some would not allow their pictures to be taken…which is fine, just interesting.

IMG_6938IMG_6937 The envelopes were handed out …I’m not sure how…or why…but they were.

So as we walked around…we came to the front door of a home and WOW…what a home and what a family

IMG_6939 Here is the front door…beautiful!


These are our hostesses!  Mom and daughter.  There was another generation…and maybe two more that lived in the home

The home was off the hook amazing. 

The villagers help each other build their homes and they are grand.  The cost of a home could be the savings of two or three generations. 

IMG_6949IMG_6947 The first picture is of the kitchen…there was a HUGE kettle and all of this amazing carving.  Next, look at the pillar in the next shot.  It is huge  and sturdy and shows craftsmanship that is off the hook.


IMG_6945Here is the front of the house. It has seven bedrooms and four generations live here.

IMG_6951 This is Yak butter in the pantry.  YUM ???

Owner upstairs:

IMG_6952 The stairs up to the 2nd floor were really steep and all generations go up and down them with no issue.  (practice?) 

The entire family was SO welcoming and yes, tea was served.  Some of us stayed with the family while the rest made our way to the Rignha Monastery…which is up on a hill and while a climb…was doable!

IMG_6958IMG_6957IMG_6956IMG_6955IMG_6954 The flags are EVERYWHERE on the hill as you make your way.  I am bummed I don’t ‘have more pictures…but once again the Monastery was under construction…so we got outside looks…which is ok…since I fell weird intruding.

I knew I could make my way up the hill to the Monastery since there were families of four generations handling the climb.  I shut up and just did it.

IMG_6960 Here is Tom with a goat that was just hanging around…very cute!

On the way down we encountered prayer wheels


Afterwards, as we made our way to the bus (and on the way, some had to step behind bushes b/c toilets were not available), one lady turned to me…who did NOT want to go to the village and said how she took it all back…the walk was beyond worth it…so … just try it…you might like it!

The villagers were so kind, and I find them amazingly beautiful. 

Our last evening we had dinner and made our way back to the hotel.  This was the first meal I managed to have something to eat of substance.

On our way to the rooms, once again the stars put on a show.  We looked up.  We admired.  We took a big clean breath …probably our last…

And packed for our trip to Hong Kong

Another amazing tour came to a close…one I am thrilled to have gone on. 

I am blessed

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