Thursday, May 30, 2013

Morning Breaks


Hong Kong has been shrouded by thick black clouds for weeks. They hover at the tops of the high rises like hats, but hats that are permanently pinned in place.

It gets old, quickly, especially living high enough to be IN those clouds.

At street level, it is depressing, yet life goes on. We know this will pass, and all too soon, we will be complaining bitterly about the humidity and heat that summer will bring.

This mornings’ daybreak brings promise. The promise of sun. The guarantee of heat.

I awoke to broken grey and black clouds. Moving slowly to the East.

Directly in front of me is a dip in the hills that are Hong Kong’s backdrop. Between the hills,directly behind the Shangri-La Hotel and the Hopewell Center in Wanchai loomed a series of dark clouds. In the lowest part of the dip, was a starkly white cloud, almost dragon like, backlit by pink. It stood alone, so bright, almost heaven like. It moved up, it moved back, and now, it is slowly slipping behind the hills. All that is left now is a bit of white puffs, peaking over, not dominating the hill.

To the west, a large bright cloud is growing. As it develops higher, the top is bright white, while the bottom of the cloud becomes more and more pink. Under the pink, are heaps and heaps of clouds still in shadow. Are they trying to decide to take on the pink, or force their way to the top of the cloud which is being lit by the rising sun?

The grey clouds have moved away, the skies just about clear, except for that growing, luminous cloud over Sheung Wan.

5:50 AM. It is fully light. I am fully awake. The Harbour below me is slowly coming to life.

Another day.

I am blessed.

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