Monday, December 30, 2013

I’ve lost that Blogging feeling


How long does it take for the “new” to become the “not so new”?

When I came to Asia I committed to writing about my experiences.  I knew I was being handed the opportunity of a lifetime, and I wanted to make sure I not only took full advantage of that opportunity…but it was also important to me to actually remember all that I saw, smelled, tasted.

My dad used to keep diaries.  He had years of them…and I always loved reading them…the day in, day out, normalness of his life…of my mom’s life…of our lives.  It’s really our only record of our family.

We have a small family.  Not many cousins, and sadly, I don’t know a lot about our ancestors or history.

I wanted to leave a little something behind that told the story of the years I had here. My goal was to write about all of it…right as it happened, when my ever failing memory was fresh…the places, the names, the impressions.

Year 1 was EASY! EVERYTHING was so new…I literally would run back to write about my day, my travels. (Jan 2011 to Dec 2011)

Year 2….well, the wheels started coming off the cart…slowly off the cart…but…sure enough, things started to slow down…even though my traveling was accelerating! (Jan 2012 to Dec 2012)

Corey would say “you are losing your audience”…he may have meant readers…I now know it means …me

Year 3…well, the cart was now sitting by the side of the road…I was still an avid picture taker…and I thought that having the pics would help me reconstruct. It will be invaluable.  Corey always wanted me to change how my pictures are stored on the computer (why no names?? ).  I held on to date and picture order for one reason…continuity, consistency…Thank heaven!   

Year 4 - It’s time to catch up. It’s time to keep up. That is going to be my charge … I’m not under the impression that my kids want to read this now…but maybe, one day, they, or their kids…will want to know…or maybe, just maybe…when someone does a search on line…they will see MY experiences (I will be page 9,000 on Google…but I might be found)…and read my words, and know just a little, about my/about our lives.

In an effort NOT to set myself up for failure…I will not make promises in writing, no “resolutions”.  However, I will, this year, search for, set time for, prioritize…getting that feeling back…the feeling of newness…wonder…awe.

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