Saturday, June 18, 2011

Great Days don’t have to involve Major Achievements

The Washer that Aggravates

The View that calms

Corey left for the UK and Europe last Saturday (June 11). He normally doesn’t leave Saturday DAY for these long trips. This time, however, he was a victim of packed planes, so he left mid afternoon.

I spent much of last weekend in bed due to a cold Corey kindly shared with me.

It is very quiet and lonely when Corey is gone. I have learned to book myself out most days to make sure I don’t get holed up in the Flat.

This week I kept pretty busy. There was only one day when I was at risk of a meltdown. I had spent a lovely day shopping (not buying) and had a nice healthy lunch with a new friend. Somehow though, when I got back, anxiety threatened to set in so I took myself off to the movies.

Today, Saturday, I awoke to relatively clear skies. It has been awhile since we have seen some really blue skies. I did not have anything formal planned and I awoke late due to a worse than normal bad night of sleeping.

I decided today’s mission was to catch up on laundry. I have a combo washer/dryer that in the past has taken (wait for it) FIVE HOURS to wash and dry a load of towels. By load I mean no more than 4 pounds of wash.

This small capacity and ridiculously long washing time discouraged me from doing my shirts.

Today, however, thanks to a friend urging me to investigate the washer closely, I found a better and more functional setting to get things done.

That small discovery led to one of the most productive days I have had here

Getting rolling on laundry led to vacuuming, led to dusting, led to bathrooms, led to kitchen, led to de-cluttering, led to laundry being taken to the Cleaners, led to …well, you get the idea.

I was getting all of these chores done, but not all in one felled swoop.

My day ended at 6:30 with the last of the laundry being hung up to dry (NO, not out our windows! They are hung in the extra bedroom with the A/C on to help with drying).

This type of day has shown me I do not need to have formal activities or even much contact to be happy and satisfied. Mind you, I do not want to make it a habit of my days consisting of only “hello and thank you” with the desk staff. However, when I look back at what I accomplished, I know now it is ok to have these days.

My friend Barbara has told me this more than once and now I can appreciate her advice on this!

Now, I just got off of Skype with Corey, who is in London. I have a glass of wine (no one is shocked at that) and I am looking at my amazing view. More than once this view has calmed my soul. Tonight, it is making me smile.

The water is moving at such a pace that I wonder if the boats in the harbor even need motors. There were many boats out there, but now that the nightly light show has ended, there are just a few.

It is all of 8:30 pm. In a minute I will take myself in to catch up on a couple of shows we have DVRd from Seattle on the Sling box. I will settle in knowing that I have had a great day, and this great day was because of the series of minor accomplishments.

Great days do not have to comprise of great deeds or great achievements. Great days are whatever satisfies you!