Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When Things Just Aren't What you Remember...

Kirk and Kari have been real troopers sending things over to me as I have wanted them.

Notice I said “wanted” because really, just about everything sent I could do without OR I could have found some substitute here.

Kari nicely refurbished my 100 cal popcorn stock. Kirk had sent a few packs, which I did make last, but Kari brought me 24 packs! I am in HEAVEN.

Kari was also especially nice b/c she actually ran out to the store the night before she came over to buy me a few things. It was really just two things.

First she bought Fiber One bars. I had her bring these because I knew it would be something she could grab for breakfast. I had wanted her to bring three boxes worth, but she brought two. No problem until her Dad and I got into them “just a little” (hey...I TRACKED them…I’m ok!)

Next I had her bring me Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. She brought me five whole bags of them…because Albertson’s had five whole bags of them.

Those that know me from my meetings, or those who eat in my home know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these potatoes. Did I mention I LOVE them? They are institutional, and quick, taste nothing likes home-made but I LOVE them.

I will plan a dinner around them. Turkey breast? Hey, how about Garlic mashed? Wine chicken? PERFECT with Garlic mashed. Pork chops? You get the picture…let’s grab the Garlic Mashed. PointsPlus wise they are not a bad investment. They are made with water and I NEVER add the butter so I keep the PointsPlus value down that way.

I really anticipated Kari unpacking her suitcase and bringing me all of my goodies. She spread them though out her checked baggage and she did not “declare” she had any food when she came through customs here (oopps – do not try this at home…it must have slipped her mind).

Well, Corey had a dinner the first night so Kari and I had chicken and …Garlic Mashed Potatoes! I reread the instructions, though heaven knows it is something I know by heart. Easy. 2 cups hot water…mix in the flakes, stir, wait. VOILA. Potatoes.

Here goes. 5 months. 5 months without my very favorite food.



Hm What could have happened? I measured perfectly. I did everything the same.

And they were horrible. Kari agreed. Just gummy and awful.

I was sad.

I put the other four packs on my kitchen rack. I knew once Kari left, I would have other chances to make them up (more for me right?)

Last night I had the opportunity. I had marinated some chicken breasts, and made up one packet (resisting the urge to make two for “leftovers” )

I once again, reread the instructions…made up the potatoes.


EWWW. Even adding milk did not help this sad, gummy, icky, mess of a food.

So, I started to think.

Could the water in Hong Kong be sooo different than the water in Lynnwood Washington that my potatoes would stink? I have heard that Coke tastes different all over the world NOT because of the syrup (it is imported to all plants from the US0), but b/c of the water!

Had the formula changed? The package is different, but they do NOT say “New” OR “Improved”

Both of these things are possible. However, I have my own theory. I actually have two.

First, my tastes have changed. I have experienced this before. The best way for me to explain it is with foods I had to “go without” when I moved from Los Angeles (Tommy’s Burgers anyone?) I would RUN to Tommy’s when we visited to Los Angeles. And every time I went back I liked Tommy’s just a little less. I also experienced this when I gave up certain foods when I started losing my weight. Things I just loved held little appeal for me (I am still waiting for this to happen with wine).

Second, they have never been good. Ever. Being away from them for 5 months has shown me that what I thought was a great “go to” side dish” just wasn’t great.

So, I have three more packets, but I have made a decision. The first two packets were just not good. I don’t see them getting any better.

I am throwing them away. They are not worth my effort, and they are NOT worth the PointsPlus value. No bad food ever is…even if it used to be a favorite.

There was a time in my life when I would have eaten them anyway...not enjoying or liking it...but I would have "wanted" it so I would have eaten it. It's a sad day b/c my favorite food is not a choice to me anymore, but it is also a liberating day b/c I can let this food GO...right into the trash!


  1. Bravo star for throwing them away.

  2. Thx Suzanne....I don't get those anymore!