Saturday, March 3, 2012

Home … Gone … Singapore


This has been a crazy few weeks for travel.  Home from Dubai for 30 hours and then we were off to Singapore.

This has helped me get a little taste of what Corey’s real life is like.  Pack, travel, unpack, pack, travel, home.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Now..let’s be fair. For me…it’s not a chore.  It’s vacations.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  I know I’m lucky.  I really hope I thank Corey enough.

ANYWAY.  This time we were headed out to Singapore.  Another first for me. 

Upon landing, the warmth and humidity hit me head on.  Quite honestly, YAY. Hong Kong has been just dreary these last few weeks, so I was ready to bake.

See me in 3 months when it’s SUPER humid and hot here…but for now…I will take the sun and run.

We took a quick ride to the hotel, and what struck me is how much Singapore reminds me of Maui.  Singapore is SO incredibly tropical…not hard since it is just this side of the Equator.  

Singapore had done an amazing job of keeping green spaces, parks and trees in its city center. 

We checked in and after Corey did his cardio workout and I did my weights (I HATE cardio so I gladly gave up my IPod to Corey who forgot his), we headed out to the pool.

We shared laughter and cocktails with our traveling companions and then went out to a great dinner.

Sunday started early with Corey becoming deathly ill.  NOT an auspicious way to start our trip.  Sadly, he was down for most of the trip.  He did manage to make it to his trainings, but it did put a damper  on our time in Singapore together. I spent a quiet Sunday supporting him..bought meds, hung out in case he needed anything.  It seemed only right and nothing is worse than being  sick in a hotel room.

Monday dawned and Novella and I (while the men worked) started our walking tour of the city.  We were headed to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and areas around it.  We did want to see the Titanic exhibition, but time ran out.

IMG_2655 Not a very clear day.  At the very top of this hotel is an Infinity pool at the top…VERY cool!

IMG_2664 Me at the top. 

The whole area where the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is being developed.


IMG_2658 Here’s Novella.  She navigated while I spotted the buildings on the map.  It was a good team effort!

After having a drink at the top (I had a beer…it was HOT)…we made our way to the Singapore Botanical Garden where we went straight to the Orchid Gardens.


OH…one BIG rule at the Gardens:


Again…I am searching for that “perfect” picture (maybe I should take a class??)  ANYWAY….here are a few flowers that caught my eye:



As we made our way out of the Gardens we passed …Swan Lake!


We headed back to the hotel where Corey and I sought out some soup for dinner and then we watched the Academy Awards on DVR.  I managed to go the whole day NOT knowing who won.

Thus ends the day.

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  1. Your pictures are great, Kate. We'll be in Singapore in July, will pick your brains for hot tips!