Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kate’s the name…Tourism’s the game


Yep.  I’m a tourist.  I’m darn proud of it. 

I’m one of many and that’s ok too.

Big Red Bus?  Yes

Walking Tours? Sure!

Trip Advisor? Frommers?  Rick Steves?  I search them, have them, use them, read them, LOVE them. 

Don’t look down at us. 

Help us!  Guide us!  You don’t HAVE to embrace us…cause that would just be weird!

My final day in Singapore saw the sun come back!  Corey was feeling better (just in time to get on the plane, but that’s ok…he turned the corner).

On a tip from a friend, I went out to the Singapore Zoo and had Breakfast with the Orangutan's.

A van picked me up from the hotel across the street. Mine wasn’t listed but no great shakes, it was all of a 4 minute walk and that included waiting for lights.

I was taken to the collection point…where all vans drop those going on tours for re-distribution to the proper buses.

This spot was right where we were the day before.  Singapore has a large “wheel” thing…I guess like the London “Eye” though I am not sure if I can call it that without insulting someone British.

IMG_2713’s a Ferris Wheel with GIANT pods…so you and 24 of your closest friends can take a one hour spin.  There are “special” tours you can take…Champagne and chocolate (yes please), or maybe dinner with your own waiter…which I think would be strange – wine NOT included.  You can even get married up there! IF you get married…you get to SKIP the Queue…isn’t that kind of them??

IMG_2714 Here’s an “arty” shot of one of the pods

OK…back to the tour.

This tour group LOVES stickers.  As soon as I got there a brown “zoo” sticker was slapped on me.  I soon found out this was my admittance to the breakfast.  THEN. after we got to the zoo…we got another sticker…that meant we paid to get in.  Yea…I didn’t think about moving them to my shoulder until AFTER the pictures had all been taken.  Well, if I’m going to be proud of being a tourist…I might as well be branded as one!

As soon as our group got to breakfast, the Orangutans came down to the staging area.  We were warned in advance that AFTER breakfast…beware of the peeing Orangutan! The Singapore Zoo has an area where they can roam free and swing from vine to tree to platform.  SO…after breakfast and they make their way back to their places…yep…look out below!

Much like the Panda experience in Cheng Du…the animals are kept happy by being fed…constantly. 

We were not allowed to touch them b/c they don’t like strangers.  I saw one bite a handler…duly noted.

IMG_2725 There were six or so that came down to see us.  They spent quite awhile with us…but as you can imagine, it is hard to control them.

IMG_2722 Here is the picture the Zoo personnel took for me…They had my camera and a PROFESSIONAL camera…they did not understand why I did not fork over $35 Singapore Dollars ($30 USD) for this lovely shot.

Him:  “You don’t like it?”

Me: “No”  (Maybe if ANYONE besides me was looking at the camera I might have been convinced)

He was genuinely shocked I did not jump at this picture. 

One couple I met from Australia got a pretty decent picture…she was enthralled with this experience so I’m glad her picture came out well!


Here are a couple more I grabbed when the crowd settled down.

Then…out came the Python!  It wasn’t a very big python…I think his name was “Paul”

IMG_2735 I liked Paul. 

The Australian lady offered to try to get one decent shot of me…Here we go

IMG_2739NOPE let’s try again!

IMG_2740 Yea…time to give up.  But hey…that one in the back with his hand out reminds me of people I know!

I took the tram ride oround the zoo and hopped out because there was ONE thing I wanted to see more than anything

IMG_2775 White tigers.  They were very snoozy when I first got there.

IMG_2779 I LOVE this shot…the markings are so cool.

I lost…found these guys:

IMG_2784 IMG_2767

Made my way BACK to the Tigers and VOILA

IMG_2793They were sort of awake

IMG_2799 They were definitely hot.

IMG_2812 Soon enough it was time to wander off.

I was happy to have made it back to see them up.  Such beautiful animals!

I finished my tour…and headed back to the bus. The bus waits for no tourist.

But wait…before I go to the hotel to check out and hang by the pool to absorb just a few more rays I leave you with this picture:

IMG_2752 This little one was all tied up …and the thought of him made me smile all day.

My next time in Singapore or Dubai…I won’t have to be quite the tourist…but I’m so happy I had the opportunity to do it this time.

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