Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Malaysia offers many different scenic opportunities and climates.  Today we were riding to the Cameron Highlands which would offer us views of Rainforest and at the same time, tropics!

IMG_3189 IMG_3187

The Cameron Highlands is known as the last place designer Jim Thompson was seen before he walked out a door in the 1960’s and was never heard from again…No trace!  Some say he perished, some say he just walked away from his life.  It’s a true mystery…and one I kept in mind on our walk the next morning!

Our trip was long enough to warrant a rest stop where local produce was being sold. BABY bananas and different types of mangos and melons were abundant


IMG_3177  IMG_3178

Can’t have a trip w/o the obligatory “cat” picture!

IMG_3183 IMG_3185 

Cats are the same everywhere I have decided!

The Cameron Highlands are really known for two things however….Tea and Strawberries.  We were going to get the opportunity to see and better yet….taste these items! (for Diane and I…there was one more indulgence I will get to…)

At one of our stops we had the chance to buy some fun snacks…many based around strawberries.  You could tell blood sugars were plummeting because there was a beeline to these items.  The stop also had a pretty nifty bakery!


All based around THIS beautiful fruit!


Diane bought one snack to share!  Oops!  I think I caught them in the act!


Back to the bus and off again.  We all felt MUCH better after that stop! Chocolate, strawberries and tea…nothing could be better!

I had NO idea how tea was grown.  The walking trip through Vietnam got us close up to rice…and now this staple.  We visited the BOA Tea Plantation.  They own thousands upon thousands of acres all covered with tea.  The tea leaves grow on a bush, and in the case of the plantation, are pruned to a specific level for ease of harvest.  We had to take trucks to the Plantation.

We made a stop for pictures…the color was such an intense green!

IMG_3212 See how the bushes are terraced?  Much like rice!


Here are Carole and Carol! 

IMG_3215IMG_3217 It was a great place for pictures! 

Next we went to the facility where tea is processed.  There are many steps..from drying to pulverizing to packaging.  We had a “spot” of tea…I had iced…and YES…it was available to purchase and once again I did NOT take advantage and I’m bummed about that!

Strawberries are SO big in the Cameron Highlands…that you can buy ANYTHING with strawberries on it…slippers, clothes, hats, and yes umbrellas!



Next we went to a Cactus Valley…where it is said some of the cactus is over 60 years old.  I found this place a little sad because people decided to graffiti on the plants…yes..you read that right!  ON THE PLANTS!

IMG_3258 Even the fake cactus that heralded the name of the place seemed sad and old to me…IMG_3265

However…this stop did allow us a nice walk…as I was ready to move after the many hours on the bus…AND we got to walk up to the flower section of “cactus world” and see some very pretty things!

IMG_3266IMG_3272This orange flower comes from the most unattractive bulb thing…IMG_3264 You would never know it! This place even had :

IMG_3274OK then!  You learn something new!

More pretties:

IMG_3280IMG_3295IMG_3296     IMG_3298You are all VERY indulgent of me while I desperately search for my next “great” picture!!

This however, was my favorite flower. 

IMG_3288IMG_3290IMG_3292 Jane says they look like little dancers..and the DO!

Pretty soon were back to the bus for our drive to the Cameron Highlands Resort where we were assured ALL of our rooms would overlook the golf course.  Little did anyone know…especially our guide..that the course is under renovation and was completely torn up!  He actually gasped “OH MY” This did NOT take away from how great the resort was though! 

Diane and I decided to skip dinner and do massages that evening.  The resort had very few spots…I will talk about that separately because quite honestly…it was a REAL highlight and an amazing bargain!

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