Monday, April 16, 2012

A Massage to blog about!

No pics…I wouldn’t do that do you!

The night we reached the hotel at the Cameron Highlands, Diane and I had decided not to do arranged dinner, but instead we booked massages. 

The spa @ our hotel had a small staff, so they could not manage our entire group, thus our decision..

From the last post it is fairly obvious that strawberries are the specialty of the area, so we chose the Strawberry Package.  This was to be a 2 1/2 to 3 hour treatment all centered around strawberries.

As we walked into the spa area we caught a glimpse of large claw-footed tubs.  We were given (and shown how to put on) sarongs.

Next we were directed to one of these tubs (each of course – together would have been TOO weird).  The bath water is the color of tea.  Floating in the water are sliced strawberries and tea leaves. The strawberries are perfectly sliced…I mean…EVERY slice of strawberry is cut to the exact same width.  I had never seen anything like it and spent a ridiculous amount of time inspecting them!   We are given a tray with honey-sugar to exfoliate.  Lime wedges are used to soften elbows and heels.  Warmed tea leaves are provided to wash our faces and lastly there are cucumbers for our eye treatments.  Headphones are an option that pipe in great music.  On the wall in front of the tubs are TVs with video that matches the soothing music.

After an amazing 15 minute scrub and soak, we are escorted out of the tubs to large beds.  We are given heated pillows and told to rest…b/c that bath was just EXHASUTING.  After a rest (??), we are taken into the treatment room.

I was a little nervous that the treatment bed had a plastic sheet on it (think Mafia murders…plastic sheets are normally NOT a good thing)…however, not to worry…all would be revealed soon enough.

The first step is a body scrub. The treatment begins with a yummy smelling concoction of …wait for it….strawberry (gasp!) yogurt, and oatmeal.  This is slathered ALL over and then the plastic is wrapped around.  Next large warm towels are placed and I am baked.  Diane said it smelled so good she was tempted to taste the mixture…err…no. 

As the body scrub…scrubs…there is a head and neck massage…this just keeps getting better and better.

After 20 or so minutes, the scrub gets showered off, and then…the eighty minute massage starts.

Bath, rest, scrub, head and shoulder massage, shower,  body massage…all to the soft aroma of strawberries…for the all in price of $140 USD. 

Diane had the brilliant idea of taking our room robes down so we could just pad upstairs.  To finish off the evening, our tour guide arranged to have a dinner tray brought to our room.

We ended the night with sandwiches, a glass of wine, and completely content with our choice to change the plan. 

Group travel is AMAZING because of all the choices available to us…but sometimes, it’s ok to break away from the group (as long as there is not wandering away). 

SO…travel…travel with with strangers…enjoy and look for those opportunities that will make your trip unforgettable!

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