Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Uffizi and David…BEAUTIFUL!


Florence is not known to be the most “kid friendly” city in Italy.  In fact…with the “hey look …RUINS”  or “Hey look…ART” lines our family adopted YEARS ago..let’s just say it has not changed.

However…it is a MUST to hit these “big” sights while here.

Today was that day.

I waited for Kari at “her” coffee spot…I think it will take more than 3 days to make it “our” spot.  This little girl had been videoed for quite awhile by her parents.  Obviously, she was used to checking the results…

IMG_8815 I thought this was fabulous.

Sadly, I did NOT get pics of the family that travels with their cat …who not only has a box…but a leash…and liked to spend time on it’s owner’s shoulder …I can’t get my cats to the vet w/o drama…and this one was an international traveller!  Obviously, I did not train mine correctly.

We had our cappuccinos, then it was off to the Uffizi.  If you don’t want to pay through the nose for your coffee here, you must stand and drink it…to sit takes the price and triples it.

THIS is where Kari’s Firenz card came in handy.  I had secured my reservation yesterday by making my way, first, to the tourist information desk (designated by the “I” on the map) then to the “official” reservation desk for “David” (but they handle Uffizi too!)  Kari’s card guarantees her immediate access to the museum.  I could have been designated to the “reservation”  line which was ominous.

Kari asked a really nice man how to use her card…AND…since her mom had a reservation….could we go in together…3 minutes later we were in…surpassing the awful line.  GO Firenz Card!

The Uffizi has not really changed from what I remember from 13 years ago.

It is a “Hey look Sculpture” kind of place…and it did not fail us there.

It did have some pretty stunning views out the windows (the only pics you are supposed to take…NO pics of the ART!!

IMG_8823IMG_8822IMG_8818IMG_8816 While we were taking these…the clock struck 12…so I was pretty happy NOT to be in any of the towers for THAT show!

We had terrific pizza right off the Ponte Vecchio.  We both managed to NOT eat it all..though it was tempting.

Later we had our “David” appointment. We used the same card, and same tactic to avoid a huge line (I don’t think I heard booing…wouldn’t care if I did).  This never ceases to amaze.  This time we saw the history of music with lots of Stradivarius violins on display…but the huge draw was of course David

The anatomy was beautiful and detailed…and Kari shared some of her knowledge it me about the scale of his hands and feet.  David is a quick look…I’m not sure how anyone spends more than 30 minutes there.  I felt we did it justice.

Kari went for a run.  I went back to my room for a nap, picture uploading.  We were meeting later for her event.  It was a Middle Eastern Film festival.  We only had to stay for the first two short films…I would have liked to stay for the main film, but we planned badly and were STARVING.

Another day was wrapped up.  Tomorrow we are off to Venice!

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