Thursday, April 4, 2013

Venice– Travel Day

Kari only has one class on Thursdays…so we planned our exit from Florence.  She had not planned to go up to Venice at all this trip, so that seemed like a logical place to go.  It is just two hours by train (not a cheap ticket…but fast, convenient, and no strip searches.

We did not rush, nor did we pre buy the tickets  We had seen that the trains ran on the hour and seats were plentiful.

Florence that day was slightly overcast…but dry.  Rumor had it Venice would NOT be that way. 

We got there easily and I had asked our hotel for directions once we got off of the train…which we followed and were perfect.  It was very overcast but no rain, so we were pretty happy.  We checked in, dropped our bags and went to explore.  We knew we would not go over to St Marco today…we had a plan for the morning.

Our room was fine…double bed and single.  Traditional green shutters would shade us from the morning light.  Here was our “view”

IMG_8837IMG_8836 The entire trip I would be taking pictures down alley ways.  I really think they hold the most interesting stories.

We took a walk along the main…road??…towards the lands edge.  Sometimes overcast skies lead to better pictures…sometimes not.

IMG_8848IMG_8847IMG_8845IMG_8844IMG_8839 This street itself, which I think would have been bustling if the weather had been nicer…was pretty quiet…but it made for an easy walk.  No one was lining up for Gondola rides. 

We went back to our room, and outside I heard children playing.  I leaned out the window to see a little boy and girl sharing a bike w/training wheels.  While one rode…the other chased. 

IMG_8852 See?  All the good stuff IS down the alleys!  She was super cute.  I wish the picture was clearer..but I kind of like it…the blur shows their speed! 

After dinner at the restaurant recommended by the hotel, we went to bed…kind of tired…and we had a plan for St Marco…the rain over night brought THAT plan to a screeching halt!

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