Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Quest for 2015 - Jan 3


Resolutions are for the birds…but why should we strap birds down with such baggage (except maybe Eagles…Eagles can carry a lot of weight)…

HOWEVER…I do know the power of having a goal.  A very specific goal. 

Having small, attainable, specific goals is how I removed my weight and it is how I encouraged others to lose theirs. 

For example…right now…when I ask this question:

“Raise your hand if, you want to remove some weight”

I am betting many of your hands just went up. 

The next question to ask is…

“Raise your hand if you have a plan to get that weight off”

Ummm, are the same amount of hands still up?  I’m betting not. 

That old saying “You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan”…  Well, it’s true.

Without a specific plan, with specific goals, things just don’t happen.  It sounds like a good idea to lose weight.  You know you want to do it…but you blink…and then it’s Thursday, and you figure…”Eh, I will start Monday” And then months and possibly years go by. 

TRUST ME!  I’m a master at this.

Writing down the goal…and then the steps to get there is a wonderful way to achieve….well, anything.

In Weight Watchers the tool was “Storyboarding” and it was one of my very favorite meetings (next to The Paper Plate meeting…NOTHING is better than The Paper Plate meeting)

SO…I bet some of you are thinking…”Well, Kate has put some weight back on and she is going to Storyboard her way back to goal”


This is not about weight…this time. 

My goal for 2015:


I’ve been past neglectful of this blog.  I’ve been past neglectful of documenting my experiences beyond my pictures. (Just backed them up last night, over 25,000 images with two cameras in 3 years).  I rarely can remember what I had for lunch…do I really think I will remember the nuances of a trip I took last year? 

I’m not egotistical enough to think my kids or friends or family will jump to read it.  However, I come from a tiny tiny family.  Seriously.  SMALL.  I know little to nothing about my relatives and our history.  Maybe one day, someone will find it.  Maybe not.

I will sit down, and write, uninterrupted for a minimum of 15 minutes.  EVERY DAY.

It might be drivel.  But it will be an exercise in discipline.  Will every day happen?  Fingers Crossed. 


I don’t know how to do flow charts and such…and I just spent 20 minutes putting one together…just to struggle pasting it here…SO…please trust there IS a flow chart… and here is what it says (I will print it)

GOALWRITE 15 MINUTES EVERY DAY >> do not open internet >> do not make phone calls >> make coffee >> turn on computer >> wake up.

Now, there are  some days I am out early early…but here is the game plan…here is the strategy.

Let the games begin.

(by the way…this took 50 minutes…I’ll get better and I figure that almost covers Jan 1 and Jan 2!

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