Sunday, January 4, 2015

So…my storyboard had to say “FIRST” thing?

I have gotten into this “nap” a bit in the evening habit…and then am awake until late. This does NOT help someone who sleeps badly anyway.

Corey has been researching giving “micro-loans” to people all over the world and was up late doing that.

I got Corey sick.  We had full intentions of hiking today…but with his very late night, and now the cold, and MY late night…I actually stayed in bed today until 9…hoping it will turn the tide and almost get me into a normal pattern.

It’s Saturday night in the US.  First day of NFL Playoffs.  For the first time in two years the Steelers are IN.

I wake up, realize it’s time for kick off, turn on the computer, make coffee…go to turn on our Slingbox and ….


You said you would write 15 min a day.  This is a “lesson in discipline” 

So I unhook all the wires (we use my computer for the Slingbox mostly)…come to my spot. I set the timer.

Sigh.  The game will still be there.

Yesterday was one of “those” days in Hong Kong.  It was cooler, bright, just perfect.

Corey and I had lunch at the Metropolitan Café (they have good lettuce and a decent salad bar) then we walked past LegCo.  Corey had not seen the “layout” of Occupy Hong Kong. 

The waterfront walk between Wanchai and Central is just gorgeous.  I brought my camera with me for the day…an am so glad I did. 

IMG_7296IMG_7295 IMG_7289

I’m rusty.  Maybe another “discipline” after I get this one down is to shoot more.  So much of my camera I still rely on “auto”  No sometimes I realize you just want to take a picture…but I’m also kind of sick of the “spray and pray” habit I’ve developed.  It leads to disappointment.

AIA Insurance is hosting a very fun carnival.  Mostly for kids…but we had fun walking around .  It wasn’t a bad deal.  125 HKD gets you in with 10 tokens…and each token is worth 10 HKD. 


Christmas was the early theme…but since it goes to February, I’m sure it will switch.


Pictures, games, it was very fun.

IMG_7352Corey is a killer at a dart game.

IMG_7356And went on to give some away.

IMG_7361IMG_7359IMG_7357We got out before the crowds got crazy…Ferry ride home.  Light workout.  Salmon.  (nap)

A lovely day.

And now….



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