Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corey's birthday!


Today is Corey’s birthday.

I spent a pretty quiet day today. Worked out. I have come to the conclusion that the treadmill is lying to me when it comes to how fast I am going .

I don’t know kilometers per hour or grams or liters or any of that funky stuff.

I was all happy and bragging that NOT knowing the numbers led me to do 6 miles in 60 minutes …but did I really? I am not so sure anymore.

I can tell you that I am staying ON the thing for an hour. I am jogging for an extended period of time, and my Body Bug only says I am working out “vigorously” when I am on the treadmill. (Remember the evil cross trainer? Yea, that was only moderate . Good feedback. Stupid Body Bug.

I made dinner reservations for Corey and I at the Peninsula Hotel. It is one of the oldest hotels here. It has a great view of HK (actually, it looks a lot like OUR view of HK). I made us the early reservation b/c they have an early birdy dinner special . Half price before 7. Yes, Corey and I are officially old, eating the early bird specials. Dinner was 460 HKD (about $58) and included a glass of wine each and desserts. In a surprising turn of events, I chose the Halibut over the Beef Cheek. In true Marcel and Top Chef fashion, my dinner had “foam”. (much ado about nothing IMHO), Both of our dinners were amazing.

We stopped for a glass of wine on the way home at a bar Corey was taken to by friends. This bar is normally patronized by Cathay Pacific pilots, but tonight it was pretty quiet. The most amusing part of the evening was watching the waitress and bartender try to split out a check over FIVE credit cards and cash. NO! It was NOT a table of women either…all guys, we are assuming, on expense accounts.

I had bought Corey and I two desserts at the bakery downstairs. This place just LOVES it’s sweets. Corey broke those out an hour after we got home. I had a couple bites (hmm, where IS my tracker?) before falling into a sugar coma and calling it a night.

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