Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My first days in Hong Kong!

Sunday 16/1/2011 (combo with 15/1/2011 since you lose a day and a TV season when you come here)
Got to Hong Kong no problem. Flights were perfect. Pulled a small delay out of Seoul. Slept on the way to HK (this will be its’ new designation…exhausting to type it) Breezed through immigration. I have a visa so I get to go to the “residents” line. The line police was NOT going to let that happen…tall white girls need not go to this area. One glance at the visa and I was allowed to proceed. Of course I pick the young lady that was not equipped to handle this newbie. I was moved to the next window, where, after some typing, looking, stamping, I was passed along. Something to look forward to though…after I get my HK identification card (needed for everything), I won’t have to fill out that silly landing card anymore. SAWEEETTTT. Through Customs…nothing to declare. Tell me, does anyone REALLY EVER declare anything? “Please, let me declare all these thing I purchased so I can pay more” Yea, didn’t think so.
Corey was waiting, big hug, kiss and off we go to the train that connects the airport to the city.
We arrived at the apartment no problem. TRAVEL TIP: If you are going to a foreign country and will be needing a cab, before you leave the airport, have someone write in the native language, the name and the address to where you are going. Corey shared this with me and I watched him hand our driver the “business card” of our apartment complex. Miscommunication solved.
I won’t bore you with the unpacking details. To bed at 2. Awake at 6:30 with Corey as he starts his day. He’s a little perturbed this new presence got him off of his schedule a little bit. Chatting slowed him down. We won’t let this happen too often. He enjoys being the first on in the office. He is there at 8, the rest of the crew shows at 9. The work day is 9 to 6.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Kate! Great way to keep in touch.