Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our First Weekend

I haven’t written the last few days. Not much to say..had not seen much. I signed up for the American Women’s Association (AWA) today. They have a trip to China on Weds..but I can’t go until I get a visa. We are going to work on that once I get my ID card
I have worked out 6/7 days M/T/W/TH/F/S . I took yesterday off. Which is ok.

On Saturday we got up and went Archie B;s NY Deli. Took train to Central. Took exit C…up the escalators to Staunton Street. They weren’t open right away so we had coffee and then went to lunch. It was excellent! Corey had the max pastrami and I had the turkey. Loved it. Really! We will go again. We walked through the streets and found where we will get our produce and some fresh meats. There were hundreds of stalls. We will go back. I am hoping to make lunch in HK and shopping there an every Saturday thing. Even when Corey is gone I will do this.
We used the “delivery” book to find the has all of the we can see what looks good to us.

Home to wait for our things to arrive. They did at 3. The guys had them unpacked in short order. I spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting things away. Corey worked on the computer getting the accounts up to date. I only screwed up two things. Brought the wrong jewelry box and didn’t bring any coffee mugs..What the heck???

Had leftovers for dinner..yummy. The shrimp, chicken (made salad) ½ enchilada good to clean it out.

Today Corey worked. I stayed behind. I checked out the Catholic church. It is 2 blocks from here. Mass at 8:45 and 12:30 in English. They also do MTW 8 am in English. I think I will try to do this. It will give me a connection to the area. I need to hear English everyday (not on TV) and it’s time I reconnect.

I worked out for an hour. Then showered. Corey got home and we went on the search for a haircut (successful – expensive but necessary) and cables for the laptop. I will watch the game tomorrow on this computer…oh well…
The hair salon was interesting. EVERYONE in there was dark haired..except me. It was WEIRD! Lots of walk in business…3 people just as I sat there. One lady was with her person..he suggested she sit down…she did not. I would have liked a chat.

We then walked to get Corey something to eat, but the stand was too croweded. On the walk..holy heck…on the weekends (I guess more often) they bring in tour groups from China LV, Channel, Tiffany, etc all had crowd control lines to get into their stores. AMAZING There is NO recession here . I could not believe the lines! Just like the lines at the Coach store at the outlets!
To the store for dinner supplies and a pizza snack for Corey. I had one too :(
We are watching CHASE on slingbox…love it!

I am going to weigh in tomorrow. Going to bring weigh in clothes…haven’t weighed in jeans in years..maybe it’s time to start.

Want to work out before hand..but the game… what’s a girl to do!

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