Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Fought My Lunch

And my lunch won...

I am just a wreck today. I have not slept well in two nights. The Body Bug agrees with me, registering less than 3 hours per night of sleep. (It’s a pretty cool device if you are thinking of getting one)

I spent the morning making my Blog (ok, that took FOREVER to get the site in English…Kirk even sent me the Chinese characters that said “language” to help me. Watched the State of the Union. For some reason it was WAY more interesting here than it ever was at home.
Nice to hear the President call for everyone to “play nice” starting tomorrow. That while it was good to sit next to each other today, working together tomorrow was the most important thing. Quoting Jeff Foxworthy “The President WAS on every (news) channel here”. Even Aljazeera (English version) carried it.

I took the MTR today to “360” the HUGE (well, let’s be relative here) grocery store over at Elements, the HUGE (no, really, it IS huge) mall one stop over. After grabbing a couple things for dinner, I came back for lunch. I decided to go to MisoCool (pronounced ME SO COOL – get it?).

After what I felt was an interminable time, the server took my order. This has happened to me there before. It is not rudeness, it is being relaxed. SO, I broke out my Kindle and I relaxed.
I decided to have a pork ramen (with noodles and an egg). AND because I am REALLY trying, I did NOT ask for a fork for the noodles. Well, THAT was a huge mistake. I have some (little to none) competency with chop sticks. The ones at this restaurant were tougher than normal. Kirk has been using them flawlessly since he was 8, maybe younger. Not me. Never did well with them, never persevered. Go back to day one...the Old Dog and New tricks comments. I am seriously challenged.

I did NOT end up wearing my lunch (success). I did drink the broth and manage to get some of the noodles and pork in my mouth. I DID end up being the comedic relief to the man sitting across from me (at least I think I was). It IS an easy way to regulate how much food goes in your mouth. What lands back in the bowl stays there. Quite honestly, I WOULD have eaten more, but I was exhausted from the efforts! Truly!

Note to self...never eat THERE again…their chopsticks STINK!


  1. Lack of sleep certainly doesn't help in wrangling chopsticks. They make beginner chopsticks for little kids that have a tiny up turn to help facilitate picking up food. Kelley suggests YouTube has a video demonstrating how to use chopsticks.

  2. BRILLIANT idea! I'm off to check that out!