Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Day solo in Kowloon

Jan 17-18
It is 5:15 18/1/2011 (see how I have adapted to writing the date already? Who said you can’t teach an old dog…but wait..plenty to be learned…I better not be too old).
My body fell right into its’ old habit. Awake at 3:15 am. In all honesty, I had slept from about 8 to 11:45 and then 11:45 to 3:15 so for me … SUCCESS! I read a little, played a little bejeweled twist, tried to go back to sleep but my mind was racing about things to jot down. So, I got up.
There are no snuggies here right now, so I am representing past and present schools with my WSU ¼ zip, Kamiak sleep pants and heavy socks. I am still cool. There is no heat here. From what I understand we get plenty of that in the summer, so for 2 months a year there are space heaters, parkas and large cozy scarves. Corey will never let a space heater come into this house…so I will anxiously await the snuggies the movers are bringing.
Corey was off to work. Day 1 of being left to my own devices. After reading the paper (which lands at the door…no shoes needed to retrieve), a little bejeweled (sense I’m addicted?) Off to the gym which is attached to our building. Our building is part of a Hyatt Regency, so we can use their stuff. The gym is not great..but it has 5 treadmills, 2 bikes, a crosstrainer, a ball, two weight benches (need to buy more weights) and a few machines. It will do the trick. Did the treadmill, had forgotten how much I dislike it…I think I will crosstrain and do weights since the city just lends itself to walking.
The business center will be my connection to the world until our internet is connected in the house. THAT process has taken weeks. I am excited though…with having a slingbox in the house in Seattle, I will be able to watch the football games next Monday ( football will be our Sunday, Pro will be on Monday) I guess I better not ever get a job that requires working on a Monday).
After working out, playing on the computer, chatting with Kari on FB, I was up to shower. The first thing I learned today is that plugs have switches and if you don’t push the switch, the plug does not work which means the hairdryer does not work. The second thing I learned today is that HK hates having plugs in bathrooms. I have been relegated to drying my hair in the hallway and then peaking around the corner in the guest bathroom to check my progress. This I had noticed I the hotels I stayed in here, but really? I was ready to explore. This will be my first priority. Figure out where the heck I am. Phil would be proud. I was amazingly inefficient with my steps. My travels to Starbucks which should have taken 5 minutes took 20. There I had probably the tastiest triple grande skinny latte I have ever had. No joke. I have stopped myself from saying ‘nonfat.” I am here now and they are “skinny” lattes. I noticed this in England last summer but quite honestly, the “skinny” label offends me a little, so there I refused to say it. Here, I’m all inl (I noticed that in Seattle the vanilla lattes are labeled “skinny” – time to get on board.)
Some reading, more walking and I was hungry. I knew I wanted Subway b/c for some reason I liked the idea of their value meal for Monday. Instead of sticking with this first instinct I went into a little French café kind of place and ordered a turkey on baguette. Well, it as a 4 inch baguette (maybe), 2 slices of turkey, 2 tomatoes and a lettuce leaf. All for the bargain price of 32 HK (about $4.35) Cheap right? (not after I walked up to Subway afterwards to see the turkey was 19 HK -$2.43 on Mondays. I consoled myself with a 7 PointsPlus Twix bar.)
Well, the pepsi light (not diet pepsi, get with the program people) was my next lesson of the day.
Once again, old dogs, new tricks, old packaging. As I sat waiting for my sandwich-light to arrive (in fairness, I did not know yet that it was sandwich light) I went to open my soda. How hard could this be? I have been opening soda cans for 30 years…almost all of them the same way. I push down on the ring…nothing It just sits there, straight up, mocking me. I look around, ready to ask for help. Looking for a knife I can stab through to get the darn thing open. But wait! I look a little closer. Good Lord. The thing is a pull tab ala 1975! I was spared making an ass out of myself by taking an extra minute to assess the situation. I think that is going to be a good motto for me on this adventure.
Well, this part of the missive is way longer than I meant. I promise the next blurbs will be highlights.
Today I go to apply for my HK ID card. Corey actually gets his. Then we are off to buy my phone and tonight, cable and internet arrive. A very big day for us!

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