Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My first WW meeting


Today is the day I go to my first HK meeting as a member. While I had tried and tried to attend WW meetings as a member in Seattle, I never “gave” myself the time to do it. Like working out, there is absolutely NO reason it cannot happen here.

I woke very early this morning b/c the football games were on. As one friend mentioned, it is odd to watch football with a latte and not a beer. (Actually, I did neither b/c that would have meant going out and missing some of the game). The slingbox worked beautifully. It was pretty funny though b/c some of the plays would go into “hyper drive” to catch up with the feed…so Mendenhall really DID look super fast to me!

After a stressful 3 and ¾’s of the Steeler s’ game, I had to leave. Kirk and I had been emailing each other the whole game (not the most fun way to watch a game with someone, but at .35cents a text…it’s cheapest and I got SOME feedback on my thinking)… it was almost like we were together…almost.

Corey called to make sure I had a map…nah…I didn’t need it. I knew JUST where the bus stop was

The website said meetings last an hour, and this one started at Noon. Hmmm an hour ? I didn’t envy THAT leader. That could lead to a whole lotta tap dancing if the topic was dry. I was leaving in plenty of time just in case “lost lost lost lost lost” kicked in.

Off I went. Under the harbuor to Central Station via the MTR (train). I knew what exit I needed to take to get my bus (K). As I was walking out, some poor sap asked ME for directions. I had no idea where the building was that he wanted, and in typical “Kate” fashion, I suggest he throw money at the problem. “Walk outside and get a cab” He was not impressed.

Once I made it outside I realized my bus stop was nowhere to be found. Neither was there a handy hotel where I could grab a map. Sigh. One thing I did know. The bus was going to take me to the Lower Peak Station (that will be a whole day field trip and very soon). I followed the signs to that.

Hong Kong is hilly. Very hilly. Seattle and San Francisco hilly. I climbed and climbed, following the signs to the station. I knew the YWCA was at “the top” somewhere. I passed some amazing churches and courts that I will go back and see.

Somehow, by God’s good graces, I saw the street sign for the road the Y is on. (HK is amazingly well signed in two languages no less). I spotted a woman who I just KNEW would speak English (she was blonde…but I have since learned this is a BAD assumption). I asked her where the Y was, and she pointed over my shoulder. Yep. If it had been a snake. I thanked her, calling myself an idiot. She was gracious to say she “used to do that” all the time (here’s hoping).

The meeting is on the 3rd floor of the Y. As I am morally obligated to take all stairs when presented, off I climbed, only remembering after the first set that I would be climbing 4 floors due to the ground floor being , well, G.

Here I met Tanda, leader and Area Manager. She is 5 years removed from St Louis and Lisa very recently removed from Dallas.

Yes, I was the first one to arrive. As usual, WEIGH IN is at noon, meeting at noon-thirty. Lisa and I chatted (gossiped) a bit while Tanda went back to her car for the rest of the supplies. The Y does give them storage, but Tanda is the Sherpa of HK.

I filled out my paperwork, finding out that my range (thus goal weight for now) dropped a pound. DARN IT . When I weighed (in jeans no less), I was DOWN .4 from my Staff weight in Seattle. SAWEET. I am attributing that to the “last chance workout” I had finding the joint. I also found out that Lifetime members get a 2 kilo (4.4 pound cushion). SAWEETTER. However, one LT member was heading home and she admitted she got too comfy being “over” Sound familiar? (yes)

The meeting was very nice. Small. I have written collegues that I know truly appreciate the Location Coordinators even more and I appreciate the pricing in the States. The Complete Food Companion was $25.60 US. (no, I did not buy one) The weekly fees are over $16 US!

After the meeting I stumbled down to the Lower Peak Station and grabbed the elusive 15C to Central Harbor where I took the Ferry home. ( I only needed one reassuring phone call to Corey to get on the right ferry. He will be VERY glad when I have a better clue). Jumped off the ferry and walked ALL the way home without taking a wrong turn.

Things are starting to look more familiar. However, the suit makers and “copy handbags copy watch” people still torture me…I’m not familiar to them as a local…yet.

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