Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Quiet Day

Today was a pretty quiet day. I can’t let them happen. I was waiting for the maintenance crew to check our “fire dappening” system. Then I just kind of let the apartment swallow me up.

I had a terrible technological day. I screwed up the television the first 6 minutes Corey left…THAT was interesting. I called the customer service for the cable company and I KNOW they worked really hard to understand my issue (I just changed the input somehow…no big deal). After chatting with CS they decided to send over a tecnition Well, Corey figured out the issue so I called them back to cancel our appointment. PLEASE do not take this wrong..but when I called back I got a “call center” person (India anyone?) and I was thankful for the 1 minute conversation and the EASE of the one minute conversation.
I then screwed up my computer…got it back..mostly…after that I decided to just clean the apartment…I was much less dangerous this way.

I finally decided I had to get out of house. Like I said, I do not want to start this dangerous precedent . I went shopping for some cleaning supplies at the WingOn (kind of like Target).
I am finding it hard to make decisions. It’s weird. I need a vacuum. Just a stick one that can do hard wood floors and little bath carpets. And I would like attachments. I stood there at the WingOn wavering between two types. I decided NOT to decide. I figured a little more research. Who knew such a little thing could take so long..but I think it comes back to communication. I know what I want, but I struggle to communicate it, so I move much more slowly. I guess that’s the smart thing to.

Home to watch a little slingbox (parenthood recorded, Big Love on demand) then Corey came in. We decided to go over to Elements..the BIG shopping center with the BIG store. Had an ok Mexican dinner (no chips thank heaven).
I have to shake off how I have eaten all of these years. At least, I have to be open to trying new things.
I need to make a list of things like this…the challenges of shopping, eating, etc. Then I can write about each one. I need to get to a WW meeting so I can learn what I am doing. At the deli a pound of pepper turkey is 20 US dollars. Yea…not an option for lunches.

The ride to and from Elements was cool. This line has the new trains and there are no doors between the cars. It is one continuous ¼ mile long. On the way over we were in the front of the train so I could look back and for periods of time as the train turned or dipped, the cars and people would turn and dip. On the way home we were in the way back and I got to watch the front of the train disappear around bends and go down hills. I loved watching this. I might go ride the train and try to video it. The whole thing was optically neat and amused the heck out of me.

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